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Steps pagan SF Giants more than 5-3, the brave

Steps pagan, Giants

Steps pagan, Giants

Steps pagan SF Giants more than 5-3  Consider Angel Pagan forming a line 20 – hit game this season, it’s hard to say this stretch 21 – game since regained the top spot is his best stretch of the year 2012.In fact, it is not difficult to say. It extends his best of the year.

Pagan went 4 – for-5 with a double and triple two runs, and RBI green light as the Giants topped Atlanta 5-3 at AT & T Park on Friday night. Extending their winning streak to five games, tying the season high.

People should know believes it stretches better angel of pagan: Angel Pagan.

“At the moment, this is the best I’ve felt the whole season,” said Pagan. “I feel relieved the plate, and it was very good at-bats – and I think in a timely manner.”

Since returning to the scene tops August 3, at the center fielder is 34 for 87 (0.391). Pagan said after leaving the middle of the order, which may feel the need to provide more energy, and he has gone “back to basics”.

Pagan said: “You do not (at the top of the lineup) to reach Homer, you’re there to hit line drives and get on base it makes you have a better at-bats, and that will give you confidence.

“When you know you can give two jar and still be confident, and this is where you want to be.”

A double pagan books bin (4-4) with two strikes also led Pagan of the third round. Giants scored twice in the third set to tie the game 2-2.

Scored an equalizer when long pitch sheets’ Brandon Belt bounced not far to the right of catcher Brian McCann. Pablo Sandoval broke, quenching his hamstring injury, plate, and made it safely.

In the next round, shook first pitch Pagan of bats in off the wall in the center-right trio God ninth this season. To their homes, Gregor Blanco, and positioned in front of the Giants to stay.

Pagan across the board and one on Marco Scutaro. And scored 27 runs in this stretch pagan 21 – game.

Ryan said winning pitcher Vogelsong the Pagan “Certainly (foreground) huge lift that we need. Was definitely our spark plug. It was fun to watch. Has been amazing.”

Was Vogelsong (11-7) is not entirely surprising – allowed three solo homers, one by Jason Heyward and two Freddie Freeman – but gave up the only other hit in the roles of 6 1/3 to him.

Involve Director Bruce Bochy 4 relievers. Recorded Javier Lopez last four outs to save for the fourth time this season, and third in the last five games.

In fact, has he picked up exactly one-third of his career saves in those five games.

The Giants won seven of their last eight games, with Pagan hit safely in all eight (18 versus 35).

“We play the best we have played a full season,” said Pagan, “and we have to keep it.”

Bochy got until Friday night. In his big league season 18 director, has won just as many games as he has lost. Improve victory on Friday his career record 1.431 to 1.431.


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